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July  27, 2008

Statement :

The Just Say No Deal Coalition issues the following in response to Senator Obama’s address at the site of the Victory Column following a free rock concert on July 24, 2008 in Berlin , Germany .

"While coverage of Senator Obama's Berlin speech provided audiences here at home nothing less than a visual "shock and awe," it neglected to mention that the well-hyped speech had an opening act: a gratis concert by two wildly popular groups, Reggae artist Patrice and rock band Reamonn (pictured below with Barack Obama).  While we appreciate the Obama Campaign's hospitality, on behalf of furthering US international relations, replete with bratwurst, pizza and even beer for three hours during the free rock concert, we question whether or not the monies might have been better spent here on financially strapped US citizens. Furthermore the Just Say No Deal Coalition identifies this pattern as deceptive to America's media viewing audience.  Similarly, back on May 20, 2008 in Portland, Oregon, the critically acclaimed local band The Decemberists performed a rare free concert prior to Senator Obama’s appearance (note: there are no reports of free refreshments being served during this appearance). While news stories generated by both appearances focused on the enormity of the crowd size, few reports mentioned the accompanying perks, leaving some to question whether revelers are showing up for Senator Obama or being lured by the unreported entertainment.  Without this additional information, Just Say No Deal contends that Americans are being misled about the presumptive Democratic nominee’s true popularity."

The Just Say No Deal Coalition will not merely fall in line behind a presumptive Party nominee that was chosen by a flawed system that disenfranchised millions of legally registered voters. The Just Say No Deal Coalition members will still either choose to stay home in protest, write in Senator Clinton’s name or vote for Senator John McCain. Our votes are our voices and Just Say No Deal’s voices are over 2 million strong and growing.  The Coalition will continue to organize in pursuit of its mission of keeping another unqualified candidate from reaching the Oval Office.

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