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July  25, 2008

Statement :

Just Say No Deal Responds To Sen. Obama's Shafting of American Troops Abroad

 The Just Say No Deal Coalition issues the following statement
in response to Senator Obama's "World Tour" and his choice to
scrap a visit to our wounded U.S. Troops at Landstuhl Regional
Medical Center, while in Germany.

"The Just Say No Deal Coalition asks, does Senator Obama believe that addressing throngs of adoring foreign fans is more important than visiting legions of wounded U.S. soldiers? Is this the New Kind of Politics we're asked to adopt? We say, NO DEAL!
The presumptive Democratic nominee claimed to speak, “not as a candidate for President,” yet cited his trip as being political in nature (a military no, no) to justify ignoring our troops.  Which is it?  Are we to accept that Senator Obama, with an entourage including 300 foreign policy advisors in tow, would be so misinformed? Or perhaps he simply lacks the judgement to lead.
As American voters, we think Senator Obama’s time is better spent addressing the bread and butter issues plaguing the American people on Main Street, USA.
Just Say No Deal contends the reason Senator Obama has not garnered the expected double-digit point lead in the polls against the presumptive Republican nominee (as has every Democratic candidate in recent elections) is because he is OUT OF TOUCH with the fundamental values that America cares about.  Americans are voting for the next Leader of the Free World, not the next
American Idol.

The Just Say No Deal Coalition will not merely fall in line behind a presumptive Party nominee that was chosen by a flawed system that disenfranchised millions of legally registered voters. The Just Say No Deal Coalition members will still either choose to stay home in protest, write in Senator Clinton’s name or vote for Senator John McCain. Our votes are our voices and Just Say No Deal’s voices are over 2 million strong and growing.  The Coalition will continue to organize in pursuit of its mission of keeping another unqualified candidate from reaching the Oval Office.

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