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Tone Tubby Speakers Are Now Available In Ear Candy Cabs
Guitar and Bass Amplifier Speaker Cabinets

Haight Ashbury, CA, December 21, 2016 - Tone Tubby, licensed distributor of premium-quality hempcone speakers for acoustic and electric instrument amplification, announced today that its speakers are now available as an option in Ear Candy Cabs guitar and bass amplifier speaker cabinets. Based in Valparaiso, Indiana, Ear Candy Cabs ( manufactures speaker cabinets that are constructed to the highest standards from top-quality tone woods and components.

A wide range of alnico and ceramic-magnet Tone Tubby models are currently available as an option in Ear Candy Cabs including the Humbolt, San Rafael, 40/40, Chicago Blue, Nashville Ceramic, Alnico Red, Purple Haze and others.

"We are proud to partner with Ear Candy Cabs in providing musicians with speaker cabinets that offer exceptional sound and appearance and incredible road worthiness," said Jonathan Byrnside, Tone Tubby Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "The acoustical design of Ear Candy Cabs allows our speakers to be heard at their best and to deliver absolutely inspirational tone to guitar and bass players who want to take their musical expression to the highest level."

Tone Tubby speakers in Ear Candy Cabs can be heard on "Better Now," the single from the forthcoming EP of the same name from roots-rock/Americana band Jericho Woods. The band takes elements from outlaw country, jam bands, rock, folk and bluegrass yet crafts their own distinctive sound. Jericho Woods bassist Paul Priest uses an Ear Candy Cabs cabinet loaded with a custom made 15-inch Tone Tubby speaker. "Tone Tubby speakers deliver the tone and response that I've always wanted, and tried to get for years. That big bass driver is just thunder, and I won't play live without it."

Ear Candy Cabs are built using all American-made materials and are available in a choice of exotic wood and Tolex finishes and colors with complementing grille cloth and hardware options. Only AAA grade solid woods are used - no MDF or particleboard - and the cabinets feature a patent-pending porting (air venting) system that provides optimum tone, clarity, volume and sound dispersion from compact configurations. Additional details include all-steel hardware, Neutrik speaker jacks, point-to-point internal wiring with silver solder and premium copper speaker wire and other refinements.
 "We're proud to offer Tone Tubby speakers as an option in our cabinets," said Tim Paulsen, president of Ear Candy Cabs. "Our exclusive porting system enables the speakers to 'breathe' and perform at their best. We love how Tone Tubby speakers make the tone from our cabinets stay true to the tone that players want to hear."


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The Companies and "The Original Hemp Cone Speaker"

Tone Tubby is a designer and manufacturer of premium-grade hemp cone speakers and musical instrument cabinets. The hemp cone speakers utilize a proprietary cone made from hemp paper to deliver a broader and richer tonal range with exceptional clarity and detail and greater durability.

Tone Tubby has provided hemp cone speakers for Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton, Billy F. Gibbons, Myles Kennedy, Slash, Steve Kimock, Jimmy Herring, Zac Brown, Los Lonely Boys and many other illustrious artists.

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Tone Tubby - 554 Clayton St. #170285 - Haight Ashbury, CA 94117 415-479-8822

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