University of Illinois Study: Methionine for Dairy Cows

Congratulations to UDel's Department of Animal & Food Sciences

So They Let You Go: Moving Forward With Grace

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University of Illinois Study: Methionine for Dairy Cows
I was browsing through Dairy Herd Management when I found an article about the benefits of adding methionine to the Holstein cow diet. I thought it would be beneficial to our readers who have dairy cows.

According to research performed by the University of Illinois, adding methionine to the diet of Holstein cows could enhance the survival rate of pre-implanted embryos. The study involved supplementing the diets of a group of cows. They started supplementation 21 days before the cows were due to give birth and continued until 72 days after birth. The control group was not given methionine.

Phil Cardoso, who is an animal scientist at the university, says that this is the first limiting amino acid for dairy cattle. He says the lack of methionine limits the protein content in cow milk. It also provides a positive effect on cow embryos.

This is something that a cow cannot create internally. Therefore, it has to come from the diet. Anything fed to the cow has to undergo digestion, notably by the bacteria found in the rumen. If crystal methionine is given to a cow, it will get used by the bacteria.

This is why Cardoso recommends supplementation with rumen-protected methionine (RPM). He says that 85% of it will be absorbed in the duodenum and will enter the blood stream. Only 15% will be used by the bacteria found in the rumen.

You can read the full article here. You will find a link to the study here. For more dairy industry news, visit our company website.Follow #ContinentalSearch on Facebook and LinkedIn for the latest dairy job openings if you're searching for greener pastures.


Rick Pascual recruits in dairy nutrition for feed companies and their suppliers across the USA. Rick joined Continental Search in January 2015 and has successfully filled a number of searches for nutritionists, sales, and sales management for leading companies.
After completing coursework and a grueling exam, Rick became a Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) in November 2015, as well as a Professional Recruiting Consultant (PRC) by AIRS in April 2016. Visit his LinkedIn profile for more information and to stay updated with news about recent dairy trends.

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Congratulations to UDel's Department of Animal & Food Sciences
I always like sharing inspiring articles, especially when it involves the poultry industry. I came across an article from Poultry Times that talks about The University of Delaware. Their Department of Animal & Food Sciences was awarded a student recruiting grant worth $4,600 by the USPOULTRY Foundation.

The Vice President of Live Production of Perdue Farms, Mike Levengood, who is also a USPOULTRY board member, presented the check to Robert Alphin, the manager and senior instructor of Allen Lab. This grant came from Valley Proteins' endowing foundation gift.

The USPOULTRY Foundation board approved student recruiting grants to 32 colleges and universities in the United States. This amounted to a grand total of $291,000. The Harold E. Ford Foundation attracts students to various poultry programs to entice students to consider a career in their industry.

These grants are pooled together from families, various individuals, and companies. A substantial chunk comes from funds earned at the International Poultry Expo.

The fate of the poultry industry does not just rely on consumers. It also rests heavily, if I might add, on the shoulders of the professionals who want to pave the way for bright young minds. This ensures a better future for any industry. If you would like to read the press release, you will find it here.

In search of a nicer roost? Our website has the latest poultry job openings. You might also want to follow #ContinentalSearch on LinkedIn and Facebook to read the latest poultry industry news.

Trish Valenzuela specializes in recruiting for poultry feed additive companies. She has filled positions in technical support, sales, and sales management across the USA.

Trish joined Continental Search in July 2015 and through hard study, she passed two certification programs. She is now a Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) and a Professional Recruiting Consultant (PRC).

Visit her LinkedIn profile to connect with her and stay updated with current poultry trends. Trish can be reached at (302) 248-8242, through LinkedIn, or at   

So They Let You Go: Moving Forward With Grace
There are many reasons why a company would let an employee go. While they might seem understandable on paper, it is never easy for the person who was let go to deal with the loss and the rejection that comes with this development.

Moving Forward Requires Looking Back
You might have fallen victim to necessary budget cuts or may have been considered redundant due to a merger. You might have lost your place in the company due to insubordination or because you broke a critical rule. No matter what their reason was for letting you go, you will find the next few weeks or months emotionally trying. However, this will only define you if you allow it to. The first step is essential to take accountability.

No, I am not asking you to dwell on the past. I am simply asking you to review the cause and see if there would have been a way to stay with the company. Often, newly fired people will direct all blame to the organization that "gave them the boot." Doing so is not productive, and it will not reflect well on you when interviewing.

Analyze what you could have done to prevent this from happening. Analysis is part of the learning curve, but only if you choose to learn from the situation. Taking ownership is the smartest way to go.

Ask For Letters of Recommendation

Leave with grace and dignity. I tell people to move on in a civil manner. Your old employers have become part of your network and will be useful in the future, whether for pre-employment recommendations or job leads.

Unless you have "burned all bridges," ask for a letter of recommendation from influential people within your former organization. These documents will come in handy for the next job interview.

Don't Wallow in Self-Pity
A self-pity party might seem like a good idea at first. Sure, take a few days to lick your wounds, as that is a healthy way to process and accept this new development. Anything past a few days will send your self-esteem into a downward spiral. If you stay in this mindset for too long, you may need professional help to get past the sense of anger and hopelessness that you feel.  Self-pity will make you second-guess your worth, which is something you should avoid if you are interviewing for a new job.

Don't Wait Until the Severance Check Runs Out
Many people make the mistake of coasting through for a few months while being entirely dependent on their severance checks. The smart thing to do would be to take no more than two weeks to process what happened and start hunting for a job again.

In the animal science industry, the hiring process can take some time, as companies also have day-to-day tasks to process. It can take seven days to six months to get hired. Don't coast.

Being let go is not easy. However, it is not a reason to feel discouraged, either. If you need someone who can help get your career back on track, you can reach me at or at 302-257-2008.


Maria Codilla is a Talent Scout for Continental Search. She handles direct-to-farm dairy placements. She is also Content Manager for the Animal Science Monitor. With her background in medical science and nutrition, she will make a great addition to the team. To find out more about the job openings she recruits for, you can reach her at or at 302-257-2008.

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The Best Puppy Commercial Ever!
Budweiser released two Super Bowl commercials and each one will melt your heart. This is something you have to watch if you love horses and puppies. You may need to have some tissues handy because it is as emotional as it is adorable. If you're in the equine industry, you might want to check out our latest equine jobs right after you watch this, as well. Credits to the Florida K9 Association's YouTube channel for sharing this cute video compilation.


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