Jacinto Rey
Madrid, 1969, Serafin and his lover will forever remember the day a man walked on the moon…for reasons they would rather have avoided. One by one, all of the important women in Serafin Leal’s life will find themselves in danger due to a secret that’s been hidden for several decades.
Tú no matarás   
Julia Navarro 
“You won’t kill, my child, you won’t kill. Because no man is the same after having taken the life of another man.” Fernando, a young editor who is the son of a persecuted republican, decides to flee from a Spain suffering from civil war.
Enric Corbera 
What drives us to making the same mistakes over and over? How can we improve our relationships and our well-being? Learn about Enric Corbera’s main techniques and beliefs. Nowadays there are no doubts about the crucial role that emotions play in our lives. Therefore, knowing how to understand and manage ..... 

For children to become responsible, empathetic, and communicative individuals who can love and be loved, they need to forego screaming arguments and threats in favor of respect, empathy, and unconditional love.

Isabel Allende, first female writer in Spanish to receive the National Book Award
IPG Adds Spanish Publishers; BookCon Tickets on Sale
Barnes & Noble Top 20 Spanish Titles
Ida Vitale, 2018 Cervantes Prize. The 95-year-old Uruguayan writer is representative of essentialist poetry
Jorge Herralde of Spain’s Anagrama on Latin America and Being Adaptable 

Lady Gaga 
American singer, songwriter, and actress

It is not out of the realm of possibility that when the 2019 Oscars are handed out, Lady Gaga could win. A pop-star-turned-actress at whom Hollywood initially turned up its nose and then, not too long after, deemed worthy of its highest honor.Similar accolades for Gaga have already begun to trickle out. The New Yorker singled out her performance in A Star Is Born as the one part of the film that “does linger.” The New York Times said that her “disarming, naturalistic presence is crucial to the movie’s force.”   

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Video: Página Dos RTVE: ¿De qué viven los escritores?/ What do Authors  live of? 

Radio: RNE - Biblioteca Pública  (Public Library). Writer Rosa Montero talks with Manuel Sollo about her book "Los tiempos del odio" 

Interview with Vicente Barberá, great lover of life and poetry. Isabel Alamar, November 16

 His last two poetry collections, Flor en el agua (Flower in the Water) and Después del amor (After Love), published this very year in 2018, are about his professional life and the topics that most concern, interest and move him. Of all this and much more the poetry great Vicente Barberá will speak to us today in this interview.
Children's Book
Mi tío Pachunga
José Ignacio Valenzuela

Eva thinks that she is not a very fortunate girl: every day she wakes up with a new question that the Internet can’t answer. She doesn’t have friends, at school nobody notices her, and her parents argue all the time. On top of that, Eva has a serious problem: she still hasn’t decided what she wants to be when she grows up. But everything changes when her parents decide to take a trip, ... 

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